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Reimagine Building Automation 

diOS-IoT is a building automation company built on today's technology - not yesterday's archaic controls.  Created from decades of frustration over the lack of competition, overpriced hardware, painful roll-out of new features and complicated programming tools, we finally decided to do something about it. 

If you could start from scratch and design a forward thinking building and energy management system, this is what we think it would look like.



Why continue to wait for the latest "supervisory controller" to be released when everyone knows there is more power in a Raspberry Pi than any mainstream building controller on the market? We built our controls foundation on an affordable and powerful piece of hardware without a 1000% markup.  Seems smart.


Building Operators aren't computer science nerds so why do we keep designing control systems where we expect them to learn code?

Flow-based programming with


Node-RED is the future - period.

Forget BACnet or complicated Sedona networks (although our controllers work easily with both).  Let's work on a programming platform that is easy to use, truly open source, and built for all things IoT.  Our out-of-the-box library of custom Nodes will change your thoughts on what programming a building entails. The possibilities are literally endless.



All the stuff your familiar with - none of the headaches you're probably currently dealing with.  User authentication - we got that covered using the latest in blockchain technology.  Drag and drop custom graphics and easy to maneuver front end - we got you. Let the power of the Nodes do the work, while you enjoy a rich HTML 5 responsive interface with all the alarms and trends you could ever want.  


Let's go back to why we chose the power of a Raspberry Pi combined with Node-RED.  It's built for edge analytics computing making our controllers smarter and more efficient at taking large amounts of building and energy data and making sense of what matters most - performance and energy savings. 


Affordable hardware, easy programming, analytics built in - tell me more! Well we know today's building energy management systems are pointless without fault detection & diagnostics - the ability to tell when things are going wrong and why shouldn't be rocket science.  Our team has a Node for that!




We get it - a few dozen controllers, engineering and installation, a 6 figure maintenance contract...no wonder most mid to small-size commercial building owners are daunted by the idea of building controls - it's expensive.  Let's take away the overpriced contracts and offer real support and easy installation for a fraction of your annual contract today. 


Finlay Drake, PE, CxA, CEM, LEED AP

Finlay Drake founded diOS-IoT in 2017 with the desire to disrupt the building automation and controls world with a product line that isn't crazy expensive and actually does what you want it to do.  With a Professional Engineering license in Control Systems (California - CS 7426), Mechanical Engineering & Commissioning background, he's seen it all when it comes to building controls and energy management systems and no one on the market today has it figured it out.  As a current successful small business owner providing control systems consulting and design work, he could easily keep going about his day supporting the lackluster product offerings and complaining about it to fellow engineers and contractors, but where's the fun in that.  He's seeking investors and partners to make a dent in the multi-billion dollar building controls industry with a product line we can actually be proud of. Contact him today to get on board!




2515 Camino Del Rio South, Suite 338
San Diego, California  92108

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